2551 Hammondville Road
Pompano Beach, FL 33069
2007 GMC W4500 16' Box Truck
5.2L PRE EMMISSIONS turbo diesel engine, auto trans, 14,500 GVW, 150" WB, standard cab, bench seat, A/C, cruise control, power windows & locks. The box is a 16' with aluminum roof, roll rear door, 1 row e-track, hardwood floors, and a tuckaway lift gate. 104,818 miles and fleet maintained.
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2012 Isuzu NQR 14' Box Truck
5.2L diesel engine, automatic transmission, 17,900 GVW, A/C, standard cab, bench seat, 134,617 miles, white with blue box, 14' box with roll rear door, step in side door. There is an HL 190 plus oxygen tank in the front 3rd of the box.
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2014 GMC 3500 16' Hi Cube Truck
6.0L Gas engine, 323 HP, automatic transmission, 12,300 GVW, 177" WB, Standard cab, bucket seats, A/C, 16' Hi Cube box with roll rear door translucent roof, and pull out ramp, 123,190 miles, Yellow.
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2014 GMC 3500 16' Hi Cube Truck
6.0L V8 Gas engine, 323 HP, automatic transmission, 12,300 GVW, 177" WB, standard cab, bucket seats, A/C, 16' Hi Cube van body with roll rear door, translucent roof, and pull out ramp, 131,218 miles. yellow.
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Used Commercial Trucks - Box, Flatbed, Cube, Vans, Utility

Dealers Choice Trucks, located in South Florida, specializes in providing our customers worldwide with high quality used commercial trucks at truly competitive prices. We know how important it is to have a reliable working truck. All our trucks go through a comprehensive inspection process. This assures you are purchasing a mechanically sound commercial truck giving you years of trouble free service.

Trucks Meet or Exceed Industry Standards

We offer equipment meeting or exceeding industry standards. We always inform our customers of any known deficiencies prior to commitment. We can coordinate vehicle delivery directly to your location (additional costs may apply).

Have a box truck, flatbed truck or cube truck to trade in?

We also specialize in valuing and purchasing your trades. Call us or come by for an evaluation or a possible on the spot offer.

Used Commercial Truck Inventory in South Florida

Please take a moment to view our truck inventory. Keep in mind our commercial truck and specialty equipment inventory changes daily, so if you do not see what you need please contact us with your request and we will be glad to assist you.
One Truck, a Fleet of Trucks, US or EXPORT
Whether you need one truck or a fleet of trucks, purchasing for the US or for EXPORT to another country, we are your dealer. Most of our inventory is late model, low mileage, lease or fleet maintained vehicles. We will not sell junk! We sell box trucks, flatbed trucks, cube trucks, vans and utility trucks.
2005 Isuzu NPR HD 14' Box Truck
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